This Ant Attempted the World’s Tiniest Diamond Heist

A New York City gem dealer didn’t need the long arm of the law to catch a recent would-be diamond thief — the bandit traveled only a few feet from the scene of the crime, and measured just a fraction of an inch in length.


The perpetrator of what is probably the world’s tiniest diamond heist was an ant, and its daring caper took place in plain sight. Not only was the theft detected within moments; the ant’s antics were captured in a video that quickly went viral after it was posted to YouTube on Aug. 7.


In the video clip, piles of very small diamonds can be seen on a desk blotter. The camera zooms in and focuses on an unusual flurry of activity near a corner of the blotter, revealing an ant hurrying away with a diamond grasped firmly in its mandibles. At the very least, the determined insect deserves points for its confidence — the diamond appears to be nearly as big as the ant’s own body. [Gallery: 13 Mysterious and Cursed Gemstones

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