Volkswagen I.D. R Won’t Try to Beat its Own Pikes Peak Record, May Try for Other Records


The record-breaking Volkswagen I.D. R will not return to Pikes Peak for 2019, says Sven Smeets, VW’s motorsport director. Instead, the brand is exploring other records that might help VW develop its electric performance vehicles.

“We spoke to our marketing and communications [departments] and, in one way, I fully understand about chasing your own record: you go there with an improved car, with Romain [Dumas] and then it rains and you get nothing,” Smeets told AutoSport. “We have the record, so now it’s up to somebody to take it away.”

Smeets did clarify, though, he would still want to defend VW’s record if someone takes it away.

“We are very, very proud of this record, so as soon as somebody challenges [it] and maybe takes it away, you can be sure that I think we would have support around here to go and take it back,” said Smeets.

But there is more in the car as it sits, so even though it won’t be racing in Colorado, it won’t be left to collect dust, either.

Smeets said that the engineers said the car had more left in the tank, and that (even if it hadn’t) the engineers are champing at the bit to get more out of it.

“We are working on a few possible programs that we could do with this car and I think very soon we can fix them,” he said. “We are in the final stages of a decision yes or no, but it looks like we will do something similar next year.”

[source: AutoSport]


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